Dr Ranjana Srivastava OAM

Fulbright Scholar, Oncologist, Writer & Broadcaster

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Welcome to my website! I am a physician practicing oncology and internal medicine in Australia. I believe that the art of medicine is as important as its science and I am grateful for the support of the institutions and individuals who make it possible for me to promote my mission.

I invite you to read my columns and books and get in touch with your comments.

E.S. Meyers Lecture 2016 University of Queensland

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So it's Cancer: Now What? Is a practical, comprehensive guide to what to do when cancer enters your life, by medical oncologist and award-winning author Ranjana Srivastava.
"What do I owe you for this?" "Nothing." "What do you mean? You've just spent 45 minutes with me explaining all this stuff I never understood. Does the bill come later?" "You're in a public hospital, you don't pay us for your care," I say, with a familiar surge of pride.